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Tom Piatak
Chairman & CEO
Phone: 866-699-9394
Kip Douglass
Director of Sales
Phone: 844-228-0845
Mark Ramsey
Director of Logistics
Phone: 844-260-8315
Craig Adams
Director of Logistics
Phone: 904-420-0424
AJ Bridgham
Regional Manager
Phone: 844-802-0042
Patty Piatak
Phone: 866-699-9394
Shawn Thomas
Director of Government Services
Phone: 904-416-1422
Jason Harness
Director of Logistics
Phone: 844-228-0844
Emma Dolic
Regional Manager
Phone: 844-228-0844
Dana Higginbotham
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 866-699-9394
Justin Kane
Director of Strategic Capture
Phone: 904-318-9138
Ryan Kunze
Director of Logistics
Phone: 844-260-8315
Brett Bozeman
Regional Manager
Phone: 844-260-8315

Branch Management

Craig Kumrow
Branch Manager – WA
Phone: 844-260-8315
Alex Boling
Branch Manager – NE
Phone: 904-420-2660
Jonathan Clermont
Branch Manager – UT
Phone: 904-872-2227
Lucas Arendt
Branch Manager – OR
Phone: 904-730-1370
Katherine Grokulsky
Branch Manager – NV
Phone: 904-990-6040
John Conner
Branch Manager – MO
Phone: 844-200-1043
Chad Manis
Branch Manager – TX
Phone: 844-866-2777
Nichole Maronen
Branch Manager – AR
Phone: 904-582-8705
Edwin Buitrago
Branch Manager – MI
Phone: 904-441-0700
Matthew Sharma
Branch Manager – PA
Phone: 844-260-8317
Adam Rojahn
Branch Manager – LTL
Phone: 904- 503- 9025
Ian Jones
Branch Manager - FL
Phone: 844-260-8316
Shawn Wanner
Branch Manager - GA
Phone: 844-802-0050
John Keogh
Branch Manager - ME
Phone: 904-544-5774


Accounting Department
Phone: 866-699-9394
Human Resources Department
Phone: 866-699-9394

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